Love - Kindness - Faith

Rev. Tara Lang devotes her life to helping adults and children, because she recognizes that the number one dis-ease troubling humanity is poor self-image.  Tara is the head minister, teacher and healing channel for an interfaith church, Spirit of the Lotus (spiritofthelotus.com).  She is known in the community for her compassion, energy, wisdom, inner joy and devotion in helping humanity realize their “all possibility” and life’s purpose.  A large part of her mission is to train teachers, healers and ministers to disseminate the ancient Wisdoms and Universal Spiritual Teachings  . . . and to help prepare them to serve God and humanity compassionately and responsibly.

Tara has done aura readings for people throughout the USA, India, China, Turkey and Europe.  Her insight into people’s souls and helping clients realize their potential is beyond amazing.

For Tara, it all started with a vision of changing the dynamics, infrastructure and poor consciousness of an immigrant community into one with purpose, unity and prosperity.  This vision is now manifesting in New Mexico . . . slowly but surely through construction of a Church Retreat Center.  This dream of lifting and changing the energetics of a community and having it connect with other communities throughout the world is thrilling and yet daunting.  The purpose is to spread the wealth consciousness where everyone can feel successful, liberated and free from disease and depression.

One third of all proceeds from The Healer's Bridge go to fulfilling this vision . . . Build City of Light will house a retreat, conference, school and healing centers.  The Retreat Center will be aligned with other Light Centers throughout the world, and will be part of a Crystal City or City of Light. Each Light Center will have a specific mission making each unique and powerful. The grid lines connecting these Centers of Light will form specific star patterns, therefore, helping humanity through the many, upcoming earth changes. These earth changes will bring dramatic shifts to mankind’s physical, emotional, mental and psychic bodies. Humanity’s creativity will soar to great heights, and people will experience healing on many levels of consciousness and dimensions. This healing of humanity will be dramatic.

Each individual will make a quantum leap in consciousness -- from a self-centered will to a universal all-encompassing being. Humanity will be diving off the precipice of the third and fourth dimensions into the divine reality of unity and compassion.

  • 33+ years of Spiritual Teaching, Aura Readings and Ministering
  • Co-Founder, Head Teacher & Minister of the Spirit of the Lotus Church & School of Wisdom
  • Doctor of Divinity Degree & Credential of Ministry from the Assemblies of God World Conference
  • Trained and Ordained Ministers for the Spirit of the Lotus Church & School of Wisdom
  • Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner
  • Clients from Europe, USA, India, China, Iran, Turkey
  • Other Teaching Experience: Taiji Chuan (Yang and Chen Style)
  • Entrepreneur: Successfully Sold AVH Organic Vitamin C Serum on Amazon.com